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Existing building fire system upgrades – Existing construction

What to do if you have received a notice of fire deficiency or non-compliance from the city?

Contact us without delay. Calibre Plus offers an analysis service for notices of deficiency or non-compliance issued by the competent authorities. 

Take advantage of our reputation! Authorities are more accommodating when property managers or owners demonstrate a voluntary commitment to remedy the situation by partnering with an expert company. Doing business with Calibre Plus means taking advantage of its reputation as well as its expertise in the management of notices issued by the RBQ and municipal authorities.

Did you know ?

Any building with a fire alarm system built before November 7, 2000 is likely to have to upgrade their fire alarm system in accordance with the 1995 building code, with the exception of article which specifies that audibility must be at least 85 decibels near the front door when the door to the apartment is closed. 

The standardization rule applies to any non-compliant building, regardless of its year of construction. The city authority also has the privilege of demanding more if it finds it safer for the occupant to improve the existing system. It is therefore very beneficial to take advantage of Services DragonShield’s expertise with municipalities to ensure that the work performed will be fully compliant with municipal requirements. 

Is your building up to standards?

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